How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job Faster

How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job Faster

LinkedIn launched on May 5, 2003, is American employment and career-focused online service. It is a subsidiary of Microsoft. It operates mainly through the website and its mobile applications. LinkedIn boasts about 690 million registered members in up to 150 countries. 

LinkedIn is a professional network where employers advertise jobs, and job seekers post their CVs. It gives recruiters access to the information and connects them to their potential employees.

As a user of LinkedIn, you just have to create a professional relationship with employees through “connection” and profile. In your profile, you include your work history, key skills, and training.

As of August 2019, there are 4,709, 000 LinkedIn users in Nigeria according to Napoleon cat. This accounts for just 2.3% of the population. The bulk of the number falls within the age ranges 25 to 34. They account for 63.7% of the numbers.

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Information on Global stats shows the percentage use of social media in Nigeria. Facebook tops the chat with 46.98% while LinkedIn is just 0.2%. This proves that the network is highly underutilized.

How to Find Job in LinkedIn

LinkedIn makes it very easy for recruiters to find employees. There are several tactics to help you find a job easily on LinkedIn.

Build a professional profile

The first thing to do after creating a LinkedIn page is to update your profile. Use a recent picture. Be formally dressed.  Add your location, contact information, email, your educational information. In your summary, make sure you write about your experience, skills, and capability. 

Ask your connection or professionals to endorse your skills and give you a recommendation. If there are feedback and endorsement of your ability, it improves your credibility

Upload your CV

Go to your profile setting. Upload your resume. You can upload either Microsoft Word or PDF document. It is preferable to use PDF because the formatting remains the same across any device. Microsoft Word document has the propensity to rearrange when using a different system or version of Microsoft Word. 

You can save up to 5 resumes on LinkedIn. Try and tailor different resumes to match different skills and jobs. Check out killer tips on how to write a captivating CV that leaves your employer impressed.

Let recruiters know you are open to job opportunities

In your profile, you can specify the type of job you are looking for. You can select multiple job titles. Choose job locations and specify job types (whether contract or full-time)

For privacy, you might limit the information to only recruiters. This can be done at the settings too.

Do Skill Assessment

LinkedIn helps you to validate your skills. This is a new feature still being rolled out by LinkedIn. It is only available in English and not available for all members yet. The assessment features 15 multiple choice questions and tests the skills you added in your profile.

To pass, you have to score 70 percent and above. If you pass the test, your skill will be endorsed by LinkedIn. You can use the badge on your profile for a period of 12 months. This will increase the recruiter’s trust in your ability.

Send Connection Requests

After creating a profile on LinkedIn, the first major thing you do is to start sending connection requests to the profile of different individuals. Try and send more requests to CEO s, Business owners, and Company profiles.

You are limited to just 3000 connections, so use it to connect with the right people. It is good to send out less than 100 connection requests per day.  To send a connection request, go to My Network in your profile, you will see a list of connection suggestions.

Check out their profiles and send requests to those who are relevant to your job search. You can send a request with a custom message. It helps to improve faster response and acceptance.

Once you have connected with someone, you can interact with them. You will see their updates, posts, birthday, anniversaries, new job positions. Send them direct messages.

When you are sending a message to a profile on LinkedIn, make sure you are professional. Let your message be straightforward and, as brief as possible.

If your connection works at the company of your interest, do ask for a recommendation for the job.

Use LinkedIn Job Page

LinkedIn has a built-in page, Jobs. You can type in a keyword that describes your dream job into the search bar. Write the location in the bar next to the search bar. LinkedIn does also give you job suggestions based on the skills and qualification you specified in your profile. 

Once the search results come out, use the filter options at the top of the search page. This can help you to:

Sort jobs (most recent or most relevant)
Date posted
LinkedIn Features (easy apply, under 10 applicants, in your network)
Experience level (Internship, entry-level, associate, mid-senior level, director)

Join Groups

It is possible to join up to 100 groups on LinkedIn. You can join any group of interest. Join groups that focus on the job, the industry you want to work, skill set, location. Some recruiters prefer to post jobs in Groups relevant to the function.

Start or Contribute to Discussions

If you stay online on LinkedIn most often, you will likely see job postings by recruiters in the news feed. You can then send a direct message to ask about the position.

Learn how to contribute to important discussions and issues with useful contributions. A recruiter might just discover you. You can write articles or short posts to give you exposure too. 

Congratulate people on your connection on their birthdays, work anniversaries, and successes. This will help you build positive connections with them.

Set Job Alerts

LinkedIn can help you stay updated with new job postings that match your choices. It is left for you to choose how you receive the alert. You can use email or app notification. The job alert can be found at the Job option at the top of the LinkedIn page. Then go to Manage Alerts. Choose if it is through email or notification


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